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Adventure in Kerala Tours

Kerala Tour Packages
Kerala Tour Packages
Kerala could be a land of lakes, canals, lagoons and rivers. These backwaters with their peculiar landscape has had a definite impact on the approach to life of the folks that live anong its banks. Kerala's individualism lies within these backwaters found obscurity else in the world.Canoeing - KeralaTravel journey They type a good looking and economically viable feature of kerala. The forty one west - flowing rivers of kerala type the backbone to the present glorious gift of nature. The backwaters square measure a entrance way for the traveler to check initial hand the unhurried village lifetime of rural kerala. to measure through this lovely expertise, we provide a singular chance to travel around athletics and canoeing. The journey starts at allapuzha (alleppey), cycle on the paddy fields and villages and canoe through backwaters of central kerala.

Duration - three days

Bird Tours :

For the bird watcher, kerala could be a dream destination with over five hundred species of birds. The bird tours are of four to eight days period. The four - day journey can take you thru the kumarakom building, the periyar tiger reserve, the thattekad building and therefore the chinnar life sanctuary. The eight day tour can to boot take you thru the parambikulam life sanctuary and therefore the wayanad hills to the north of the state. Your accommodation are in estate lodges, forest lodges and tree homes. you'll be among associate tough guide throughout your journey.

Forest & life Photography Tours :

Hiking - Kerala journey Travel
For those therefore inclined, we've got a completely target-hunting forest &life photography Tour within the company of tough guides. The kerala tours may be union through the forests of the periyar tiger reserve, chinnar life sanctuary, parmbikulam life sanctuary and wayanad.

Hiking & Biking :

The journey can take you to periyar tiger reserve for a three - day campint / trekking and bamboo rafting. From then through the mountain methods on cycles to munnar wherever you'll reach once 2 days and lodge in one among the planters bungalows. after you reach munnar you'll be transferred to associate estate house before continuing to the mountains for a two summer camp.This classical solo dance type combines the sleek magnificence of bharatanatyam with the vigour and dynamism of kathakali, to make a mood that's preponderantly sringara (erotic). The dance is sometimes performed on specially place up stages in reference to temple festivals. The costume is that the ancient white mundu and melmundu of kerala. The hair is gathered and place up at the aspect of the pinnacle and adorned with bush, int the normal vogue.

Duration - seven days

Trekking &encampment :
The itineraries can take you to periyar tiger reserve and so through the mountain roads to munnar. revisit a camp as you pitch your tent within the periyar tiger reserve beneath the steerage and care of consultants. Trek through the forests for three days whereby you'll be relocating your encampment sites eachday. Bamboo rafts can take you across the lake whereas you progress twenty - thirty kms every day. Wind surfriding - journey in Kerala tour packages The expertise can leave you fully in awe of the grandness of the tropical jungle associated an expertise of a life time. At munnar, you'll be encampment for two days at altitudes of over 7000 feet and skill the individuality of the shola-grassland eco systems.
Duration - five days
Water Sports :
Kerala tours being the land of rivers, lagoons and lakes within the interiors and therefore the ocean on the west, makes it a perfect destination for those inclined to water sports for relaxation and journey. we have a tendency to putting in place water sports activities like:

» sailing boat Sailing
» Wind surfriding
» Canoeing
» Kayaking
» skin diving And skin-dive
» Para Sailing

Wildlife Tours :
Tiger - life Tours
We takes you on a journey of journey and discovery through the mountains and forests - observe at shut quarters the glorious life, the birds, the butterflies and therefore the forests. On your journey you'll be assisted  by tough guides WHO are closely related to the life on these mountains and forests.

The journey can take you thru the forests of the periyar tiger reserve. Chinnar life sanctuary, parambikulam wild life sanctuary and therefore the wayanad life sanctuaries wherever you'll hope to check elephants, gaur, cervid and infrequently the large cats just like the tiger, leopard and panther. you'll be trekking through the forests or on the road in jeeps wherever trekking isn't permissible. Your accommodation are organized in forest lodges or estate bungalows. The period are of four - eight days. The four day tour covers the periyar tiger reserve, chinnar life sanctuary and therefore the eravikulam park. The eight day journey can to boot take you to parambikulam and wayanad life sanctuaries.

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